Need To Curb Your Sugar Cravings?!

For the longest time I thought obesity was a disease until I realized that I was the one causing it myself! You can have weight loss surgery or be in the gym everyday but neither of those will solve eating issues. Those 2 things solve one problem, but not the addiction to unhealthy food such as carbs and sugar! No matter what, you will always crave the junk food! You must have the willpower to say no! I have come up with healthy solutions over the years and I thought I’d share with you! This is not specific to the ketogenic diet however most will go hand in hand with keto as thats the diet I am on! Its just a way I found to still have all my favorite foods but without all the unhealthy sugar!

Since it’s summer and ice cream is a must! Halo Top to the rescue! I’ve tried most flavors and some of my favorites are Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Blueberry Crumble, Pancakes and Waffles, Chocolate Almond Crunch and Sea Salt Caramel! I usually choose Halo Top over other brands for the nutrition not the taste. Halo Top VS Ben and Jerry’s per pint is quite a big difference in calories, fat and sugar! Lets compare so you can make the healthier decision next time you’re at the store for ice cream!

Vanilla bean Halo Top       Vanilla bean Ben & Jerry’s
70 Calories                            250 Calories
5g Protein                              4g Protein
2g Fat                                      16g Fat
6g Sugar                                 20g Sugar

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My next summer craving is a cherry limeade! I lived for these but they were soooo full of sugar! I used to drink nothing but sugary drinks and think “why am I not losing anything?!” but didn’t realize how important watching what you drink is just as important as eating. I’ve found a healthy calorie-less alternative! Sprite Zero and Cherry Limeade water enhancer!

Sprite Zero with flavor       Sonic Cherry Limeade
0 Calories                               340 Calores
0g Protein                               0g Protein
0g Fat                                       0g Fat
0g Sugar                                  89g Sugar

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Another drink where you usually end up drinking your calories is Gatorade! Drinking water can be so boring and you want something with flavor so you grab one of these! The amount of sugar in the regular AND even the G2 series is ridiculous!!! Local stores now sell Powerade ZERO! I can’t even tell a difference in the taste!

Powerade Zero 32OZ    Gatorade 20OZ     G2 Series 20OZ
0 Calories                        140 Calories         45 Calories
0g Protein                        0g Protein            0g Protein
0g Fat                               0g Fat                     0g Fat
0g Sugar                          34g Sugar             12g Sugar

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Iced coffee is another big one for me! I love my coffee, especially iced in the summer! Yes, its convenient to run through a drive thru to grab one fast but have you every thought about the amount of sugar they put in those?! Most of those flavored syrups are full of crap! They may taste great but is it worth poisoning your body with all that sugar?! It isn’t for me! I would so much rather eat food than drink something like that! I’ve tested out a few ways to make my own iced coffee right at home! I know exactly what is going in it and and I can control the amount of each ingredient! I pour 1 cup of cold brew unsweetened coffee, 1 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and 1 scoop of my Vital Protein collagen into a blender and blend for 2 minutes. ( I also add 1 TBS of my XCT/MCT oil but thats for keto purposes) The Vital Protein Collagen will make it frothy! Pour over ice! If you want more of a flavor they do make sugar free syrups at Walmart! Put a little of that in there also! Main thing you want to pay attention to here is the sugars!

My Collagen Cold Brew      DD Iced Macchiato Large

120 Calories                          320 Calories
19g Protein                           11g Protein
3g Fat                                    .5g Fat
0g Sugar                                60g Sugar

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Candy bars!! 2 pm hits at work and you need that pick me up! Your brain automatically has you thinking you need to go to the vending machine to get that candy bar! There are so many better alternatives out there! From one of my previous posts, INVEST IN YOURSELF! I didn’t get the way I did by skimping on my food! $1 unhealthy Snickers bar, or $1.50 Quest or ONE bar?! Lets compare!
thumbnail (6)

Quest bar/One bar          Snickers bar
170 Calories                     215 Calories
20g Protein                      3g Protein
7g Fat                                11g Fat
<1g Sugar                        20g Sugar

Another snack that helped my sweet tooth is a rice cake (any flavor) with some all natural peanut butter! Still lower in sugar! Than any candy bar!

Chocolate Rice Cake(1)    SmuckersPeanut Butter
60 Calories                         105 Calories
1g Protein                          4g Protein
1g Fat                                  8g Fat
4g Sugar                             1g Sugar

5g sugar total for that snack! Still WAY better than 20g of sugar from that Snickers bar!

thumbnail (4)

Who doesn’t love pancakes for breakfast?! Pancakes are my favorite food! When I realized how much sugar was in the pancakes and the syrup I thought, was this whole diet thing for me?! But you have to give up things you love for your health. Over the last few months I came across these pancakes at Wegmans (you can buy them online) and the Walden Farms Syrup! Walden Farms syrup is expensive but if you use very little it will last you! I cannot taste a difference in that syrup vs regular syrup!

Birch Benders Mix(2 pancakes)     IHOP Pancakes (3)
140 Calories                                       430 Calories
6g Protein                                          12g Protein
7g Fat                                                  17g Fat
<1g Sugar                                           12g Sugar

Walden Farms Syrup         Aunt Jemima Syrup (1/2 cup)
0 Calories                             210 Calories
0g Protein                            0g Protein
0g Fat                                    0g Fat
0g Sugar                               32g Sugar

thumbnail (8)

Last but not least, oatmeal!! Yes oatmeal has great benefits for you! Again, if you’re watching your sugar intake you’ll want to make this swap! Even a few grams can make a difference!

Cream of Wheat. Maple & Brownsugar oatmeal
100 Calories                   160 Calories
3g Protein                       4g Protein
0g Fat                               2g Fat
0g Sugar                          7g Sugar

thumbnail (1)

Why am I stressing about watching your sugar intake?! Because sugar is an addiction and it leads to so many health problems! Obesity, diabetes, high BP, high cholesterol, heart problems, fatty liver disease, tooth decay, and many more! I have no more than 5-8 grams of sugar a day! No I am not telling you to deprive yourself of food, if you have a birthday party and want some cake, eat it! I’ve learned over the years that it’s easier to form good habits if you’re not too strict with yourself. Sugar is in everything. I learned to read nutrition labels even closer than I had been, which helped me make healthier choices and get creative as you can see from above. Once I started eating everything in moderation I was happier, and I stopped feeling like I depriving myself.

I hope you find this helpful to you and your journey! If you want to reach out and share some of your own hacks please do! I would love to hear them!

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