There is never a finish line.


This is a lifestyle. There is never a finish line. When going into a fitness journey you need to understand this isn’t a fad diet or quick fix. This is something you need to focus on daily for the rest of your life. That was something I could never grasp until a few years ago. If you go into this journey with the thought that you only need to do this for a few months, you will most likely fall right back into old habits. To be successful as I have been you need to make it a habit to always choose the better nutritious food, and always make time to be active. Throw the excuses out the window and make it a priority.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying you can’t out work a bad diet! Well, you can’t work out daily yet feed your body with unhealthy processed foods, it just doesn’t balance. Once you start eating right and choosing more veggies and fruits VS cereal and chips, you will have more energy and motivation to be active as you wont feel so sluggish. People always ask me how I turn down junk or a good time out at the bar. Easy!! Early mornings are crucial for me now, they set me entire day! The way I feel now with fueling my body with the right foods and going to the gym at 5am is more rewarding than being lazy and sluggish due to the junk food and endless alcohol. Yes junk food tastes soooo good, but to me, this feeling of being healthy is worth turning that food down. Allow yourself a cheat meal every now and again. CHEAT MEAL, not a cheat day or days!

image1 (3)

There are two things that always kept me motivated. First my advice is if you decide to start a similar journey, is to take as many before and during pictures! Comparing your pictures will be one great incentive for you to stay motivated. Take one on day one of your journey as you wont always notice a difference in the scale daily but you will in pictures. Side by side pictures are always my favorite form to measure progress. I was one who never enjoyed taking pictures and have very few of myself when I was 300+ lbs but the ones I do have are always proof of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished.


The other thing that is key to keep you motivated is to surround yourself with people who have the same/similar interests. Whether it be joining a gym, getting into fitness classes, or even reaching out to strangers online to meet up to make new friends! Like I said in my last post, social media is a powerful thing! We all have it, so why not use it?! Having the support from friends and family might not always be enough. Over time they will adapt to your lifestyle and maybe even eventually join you! From the get go, I always had the support from family, friends and my boyfriend but that didn’t stop me from reaching out to meet new people to have more support! Break out of your shell, get over your insecurities and know that this lifestyle is becoming more popular and chances are the people you reach out to are going through the same thing you are!


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